Location:  Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Position: Full time / Contingent upon contract award.
Security Clearance: Secret

Duties: Evaluate the design performance capabilities of emerging organizations, weapon systems, sensors, and mission command to assess whether they will mitigate required capability gaps. Coordinate the development of SHORAD doctrine and tactics, techniques and procedures from individual to collective, tracing back to the operational and organizational concept. Coordinate development of SHORAD home station and institutional training for individual, crew, and unit. Coordinate development and fielding of SHORAD training aids, devices (system and non-system), simulations and simulators for use in training in the institution, home station, and Combat Training Centers. Identify and reconcile all Manpower and Personnel Integration issues involving SHORAD, including safety and coordinate development of new military occupational specialties and provide user coordination to manpower estimates. Maintain the TCM ADA BDE C-UAS Website and provide the updates to the CDID Sharepoint Website on SHORAD related activities. Identify, assess and integrate potential SHORAD DOTMLPF solutions into system concepts and requirements documents to include planning and participating in monthly system DOTMLPF synchronization meetings.

• US Citizen
• SECRET clearance
• Bachelor’s Degree with minimum of ten (10) years’ cumulative operational experience in ADA, operational experience is includes military, combat development, materiel development, or training development assignments
• Minimum two (2) years’ experience in the development, review and staffing ADA related documents and publications
• Ability to effectively communicate ideas in writing and orally articulate thoughts to support the development of  DOTMLPF products
• Knowledgeable of ADA doctrine, weapon systems and organizations (knowledge reflects 10 to 20 year cumulative experience) specified in each task

Desired: Graduate of the Common Faculty Development Program – Instructor Course or Army Basic Instructor Course, and Support Cadre Training Course

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