Location:  Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Position: Full time / Contingent upon contract award.
Security Clearance: Secret

Duties: Evaluate the design performance capabilities of emerging organizations, weapon systems, sensors, and mission command to assess whether they will mitigate required capability gaps. Prepare TRADOC position on, receive TRADOC leadership approval, and participate in SHORAD related decision reviews (In Progress Review (IPR)/Army Systems Acquisition Review Council/Army Requirements Oversight Council/Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC)/Defense Acquisition Board) for assigned systems. Participate in SHORAD materiel developer system concept analyses and cost performance trade-off and cost as an independent variable analyses by providing detailed warfighting capability impact of specific system characteristics. Monitor and synchronize all aspects of SHORAD total system development, testing and evaluation, corrective actions, acquisition, materiel release, and fielding, to include direct interaction with the program/project/product managers and materiel developers of the primary and  ancillary system(s), test community. Identify and reconcile all Manpower and Personnel Integration issues involving SHORAD, including safety and coordinate development of new military occupational specialties and provide user coordination to manpower estimates.

• US Citizen
• SECRET clearance
• Must have a Masters Degree and have at least twenty (20) years’ cumulative operational experience in ADA, operational experience is includes military, combat development, materiel development, or training development assignments
• Minimum two (2) years’ experience in the development, review and staffing ADA related documents and publications
• Minimum seven (7) years’ experience in a Capabilities Requirement Generation or TRADOC Capability Management position
• Ability to effectively communicate ideas in writing and orally articulate thoughts to support the development of  DOTMLPF products

• Graduate of the Common Faculty Development Program – Instructor Course or Army Basic Instructor Course, and Support Cadre Training Course
• Acquisition Level III Certification desirable, but not required

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