Former Navigator employee
"I would like to thank you all for your support to me during my employment with Navigator. You are all a class act and I will never have anything but praise for you and your company. If you ever need anything from me that I can assist you with, just shout."
From a program manager working with us on the EMARSS-FVM NET task at Fort Hood, Texas
I wanted to ...express our gratitude for an outstanding job on the recent [new equipment training] NET task. The USG [U.S. Government] was very pleased with the team's performance and it was a pleasure working with your instructors to provide the training to the USG.
From the executive director of System of Systems Engineering Integration
“[Navigator's employee] has provided exemplary support to the Formations Architecture Division, Force Basing Architecture (FBA) effort in the System of Systems Engineering and Integration Directorate. He has been an integral part in the development of quality products and architectures that were produced by FBA. These products have been endorsed by Army Staff, TRADOC and many other organizations.”
AMC safety director to a Navigator employee
"Since we both arrived at AMC, you have provided me and my staff the absolute best Facilities Management support possible in a flawless manner. I can't tell you how great it is to be able to rely on someone that you know will get the job done and done right in facilities and building management arena, with all its visibility and such a potential for frustration.”
From the director, TRADOC Program Office Aviation Brigades
“Over the past year, [your employee] has served as an invaluable member to the Aircrew Integrated Systems Branch. As a technical analyst for the Air Soldier System, [he] was instrumental in coordinating, organizing and documenting a Configuration Steering Board (CSB), which resulted in a cost savings of over $500 million to the government in the Air Solider System program of record.”
“[Your Navigator employee] is an excellent example of what ideal contractor support should exemplify: knowledgeable in his craft, easy to work with, and speaks the same language of the soldiers he supports. He sets a high standard for others to emulate.”
From a Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell (PRCC) director stationed in Korea
“I have received nothing but positive feedback from the CSEL training. We were able to identify issues from common operator errors, allocation, dead-line criteria and poor loading techniques from maintainers which were making CSEL radios inefficient. The PR capabilities and emergency radios in Korea before the training were frankly broke, but now I feel that the programs are where they need to be and in the right direction.”
From the director, Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence
“The UAS CoE accomplished a tremendous amount of work over the past year ... We quickly developed a hallow organization into one that is making significant contributions across the Army...Against insurmountable odds and with Navigator leading our writing team effort, we were able to quickly produce the Army's first ever Unmanned Aircraft Systems Roadmap. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from senior leaders across the Army, to include the Vice Chief of Staff, who are amazed that we were able to produce such a quality product in such a short amount of time."
A Navigator employee was commended for his work with serving as the Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) action officer, in the Requirements Determination Division (RDD) of the Concepts and Requirements Directorate (CRD) (now TPO-AB)
"[He] reviewed and assisted in the development of plans, policies and procedures and techniques to support the acquisition of a DVE solution for existing aircraft across the Army, and for future aircraft under development. [He] has been instrumental in the development of the DVE Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and accompanying briefs as the DVE project moves toward Material Development Decision, and he has provided a much-needed user-perspective to the ongoing DVE QRE initiative."
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