Aviation Solutions

Headquartered near the Home of Army Aviation, Navigator draws top quality professionals from a wide range of aviation career fields. We offer a full range of programmatic management and analytical services in regards to aviation regulation, flight safety, air traffic control and aerospace engineering.

Navigator has extensive past performance in both manned and computer-controlled unmanned systems technologies. Development and execution of successful aviation operations require expert understanding of mission tasks, effective concepts of operational employment, and the right application of technology.

Navigator has the experience to understand, analyze and asses the related attributes of speed, range, payload, maneuverability, survivability and life cycle costs. Our involvement in emerging systems succeeds because of Navigators who are recognized experts in the military and civil aviation communities. 


Aviation Combat Developer Support (JCIDS)

  • TRADOC Capability Manager-Aviation Brigades (TCM-AB), Lift, UAS, and Future Vertical Lift (FVL) Support
  • Aircraft Survivability Equipment Future Systems Development and CONOPS
  • DOTMLPF Analyses; Rapid Fielding Initiatives
  • Experimentation & CONOPS Development
  • Capability-Based Assessments
  • Operational & Systems Architecture (DoDAF)
  • Functional Area/Needs/Solution Analyses
  • Capability Development/Production Documents (CDD/CPD)
  • Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)

Aviation Material Developer Support (DAS/PPBES)

  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA); Trade Studies
  • Milestone Decision Support (AROC, JROC)
  • Modeling and Simulation (M&S); Test and Evaluation (T&E) Support

Aviation Knowledge Management

  • Technical Manual (TM) Development
  • Lessons Learned Integration (L2I); Online Forum Moderation
  • Joint, Army and Civil Aviation SME Support
  • Dashboards and “Community of Practice” Facilitation


  • Aviation
    • PM UAS Programmatic Support
    • PEO Intelligence Electronic Warfare and Sensors (IEW&S) and Air Soldier
    • U.S. Army Aviation Center (USAACE TRADOC Capability Manager (TCM)
    • USAF ATCALS and ATM Support
    • RADAS Joint Concept Technology Demonstration
    • FCX Aviation Conculting
    • CHAMP Joint Concept Technology Demonstration
    • Air Methods Consulting
    • Sikorsky CONOPS Development
    • Future Vertical Lift Capability Development
  • Aviation + Training
    • Instructor Pilot Support to USAACE Fixed-Wing Qualification Training
    • DOTD Programmatic Support
    • PEO Aviation Planning in TCM UAS
    • Joint UAS and Army UAS Center of Excellence Support
    • Aircrew Coordination Training - Enhanced IMI and TSP
    • Aircraft Pneudraulics Instructions
    • Doctrine 2015 Manual Development
    • PM Fixed Wing Training Support
    • SATMO Afghan RW Training
    • Air-Ground Integration Training Support to MCTP
  • Aviation + Technology
    • MEDEVAC Analytical and KM Support
    • PM Fixed Wing RIAC Tech Publications
    • Anti-jamming Technology Support
    • Interactive 3D Medevac Aircraft Modeling Tool
  • Aviation + Training + Technology
    • EMARSS and EMARSS-V Training Development
    • PM Air Traffic Control Support
    • RDECOM JCIDS for DVE and ASE
    • Air Maneuver Battle Lab Support
    • TMS Training and Development
    • RDECOM MFOQA and DVE Research
    • PM Cargo Business and Analytical Support
    • FSXXI 3D Classrooms
    • USAACE AKO and UAS Training Battalion Knowledge Management
    • MEDEVAC Enterprise Portal Administration
    • Army Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Forum Administrative/Moderation

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