Technology Solutions

Navigator leverages new technologies to provide innovative solutions for government and industry customers across the training and education, information assurance, cyber advancements and knowledge management areas. We balance technical expertise with a unique understanding of organizational priorities to provide effective and tailored services at an exceptional value.

Navigator’s visualization technology stimulates learning and promotes the mastery, retainment and generalization of new skills and concepts in a real-time instructional environment. We apply our well-defined and proven 11-step process for developing interactive content that can be used remotely or in the classroom.

Navigator’s subject matter experts provide creative, tailored, and relevant interactive 3D (i3D) technologies, training, specialized education and performance-based management solutions. Our solutions capitalize on new and emerging technologies and are designed to improve organizational operations, procedures and security while minimizing risk. The i3D applications are proven to significantly increase a student’s level of learning, correlation, and retention of difficult concepts. Additionally, our approach incorporates a single-development with multiple-use series of models to support the wide variety oftraining tasks.


  • Enhanced Technology Classroom Design and Installation
  • Aircraft Interactive Systems Emulator
  • Digital Publications
  • Stereoscopic 3D Visualization
  • Interactive 3D Product Demonstration and Training Applications
  • Human Motion-Capture and Analyses
  • Army Battle Command System Administration
  • Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Information Assurance (IA)
  • Telecom and A/V System Design and Installation
  • On-site and Remote IT Support
  • Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) Support
  • Helpdesk Staffing and Support


  • Technology
    • RSJPO SETA Robotics Maintenance
    • Joint Deployable Analysis Team
    • VOIP Telephone System Installation
    • General IT Support
    • AMC Business and Analytical Support
    • Video Tele-Conference System Design and Installation
    • Force Base Engineering Analysis
    • University Software Support
    • Custom Web Application Development
    • Advanced Visualization System Design and Installation
    • Interactive 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality Applications
  • Technology + Aviation
    • MEDEVAC Analytical and KM Support
    • PM Fixed Wing RIAC Tech Publications
    • Anti-Jamming Technology Support
    • Interactive 3D MEDEVAC Aircraft Modeling
  • Technology + Training
    • MiDAESS Support
    • 3D Modeling Support
    • 3D Classroom Design & Installation
    • Army Battle Command Systems Operation and Training
  • Aviation + Training + Technology
    • EMARSS Training Development
    • PM Air Traffic Control Support
    • RDECOM JCIDS for DVE and ASE
    • Air Maneuver Battle Lab Support
    • TMS Training and Development
    • UAS Maintenance Curriculum Development
    • Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance (MFOQA)
    • Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) Support
    • PM Cargo Business and Analytical Support
    • FSXXI 3D Classrooms
    • Army Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Forum
    • Administrative/Moderation
    • USAACE AKO and UAS Training Battalion
    • Knowledge Management

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