Training Solutions

Since the traditional "brick and mortar" approach to learning is not always valid, our objective is to apply better technology and practices. Navigator’s approach combines emerging technologies with training and education solutions that reduce cost and efficiently achieve the learning outcomes.

We understand today’s training and education challenges and use multiple training tools and educational resources, such as Interactive 3D and web-based emulators, to eliminate knowledge, skills and attitude gaps. Our ultimate goal is to enhance achievement of expected learning outcomes while reducing resources and total cost.

Navigator’s training experts provide full spectrum military grade products and services across the mobile, blended, and virtual learning environments. Our instructor/facilitator-led training encompasses full spectrum capabilities, which include: training development; curriculum development; technical manuals; interactive training tools; classroom, simulator, and flight instruction; training, curriculum assessment and evaluation. 

Our training experts use a holistic approach to assess and evaluate instructional products and materials, strategies and methods, technologies; training aids; instructor-facilitator efficiency; and student feedback to determine training effectiveness and solutions to achieve optimal results.

Navigator understands that successful training and execution starts with sound instructional design. Our instructional design experts employ emerging technologies to design and develop learning products and instructional material. We ensure that the training audience achieves the desired objectives and retains valuable material. Navigator uses the analysis, design, develop, implement, and evaluate (ADDIE) instruction system design process to ensure requirements are met.


  • Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Flight Training
  • Helicopter Overwater Survival Training
  • Army Joint Support Team Mission Command Training Program
  • Army Mission Command and Assessment Support
  • Academic Instructor and Mobile Training Team (MTT) Support
  • Professional Military Education Development
  • Training Needs and Critical Task Analyses
  • Training Support Package and Curriculum Development
  • Exportable Training Package Development
  • Training Management System (TMS) and Training Database Administration
  • Doctrine and Roadmap Development
  • Instructor and Training Support Services


  • Training
    • Air-Ground Integration Support to Mission Command Training Program (MCTP)
    • Instructor Pilot Support to USAACE Fixed Wing Qualification Training
    • Center for Civil-Military Relations Leader Training
    • Combat Survivor/Evader Locator (CSEL) Radio System C4ISR Support
    • Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group 29 Palms Training Support
    • Warrant Officer Advanced Course Curriculum Development
    • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Maintenance Curriculum Development and Training
  • Training + Aviation
    • DOTD Programmatic Support
    • UAS Aviation Planning
    • Joint UAS and Army UAS Center of Excellence Support
    • Aircrew Coordination Training - Enhanced IMI & TSP
    • Aircrew Training Manual Development
    • Doctrine Development
    • PM Fixed Wing Training Support
  • Training + Technology
    • Motion Capture
    • 3D Modeling Support
    • C-12 System Emulator
    • Training Development Configuration (TDC) Database (TRADOC)
    • Aviation Resource Training System (ARTS) Scheduling
  • Aviation + Training + Technology
    • EMARSS Technical Manual Development
    • PM Air Traffic Control Support
    • Air Maneuver Battle Lab Support
    • TMS Training Development and Curriculum Management
    • Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance (MFOQA)
    • Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) Support
    • PM Cargo Business & Analytical Support
    • FSXXI 3D Classrooms
    • USAACE AKO and UAS Training Battalion
    • Knowledge Management
    • Army Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Forum
    • Administration/Moderation


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