Navigator has extensive past performance in manned and unmanned aviation platform training, education, and concept/capability development. Successful aviation operations require an expert understanding of mission tasks, concepts of operational employment, and the right application of technology. Navigator is at the forefront of aviation art and science, assisting customers to understand, analyze and assess the related attributes of speed, range, payload, maneuverability, sustainability, survivability, and life cycle costs. Our proximity to the aviation communities at Fort Novosel’s U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Redstone Arsenal’s an engineering and acquisition organization enable us to remain integrated and involved in the continuous evolution of the Aviation Branch. Navigator supports multiple contracts related to Future Vertical Lift (FVL), such as the Army Futures Command’s FVL Cross-Functional Team, and the Aviation and Missile Command’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft [FARA] Competitive Prototype and the recent Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstration effort. We excel in emerging systems and capability development due to our employees and a deep well of corporate experience - subject matter experts in the military and civil aviation communities.  


Aviation Combat Capability Developer Support 

  • Aviation Directorate of Simulation Support

  • Fielded Force Integration Directorate

    • Army Capability Managers - Recon/Attack, Lift, UAS

  • Capability Development & Integration Support

    • Concepts, Experiments & Analysis Support

    • Aviation Platforms Requirements Determination Directorate

      • Future Vertical Lift / Long-Range Assault Aircraft

    • Future Attack Recon Aircraft / Tactical UAS

  • Aviation Enablers Requirements Determination Directorate

    • Aviation Mission Command

    • Aviation Survivability Equipment

    • Degraded Visual Environment

    • Aviation Ground Support Equipment

  • Aviation Commercial-to-Military Technical Manual Development

  • Future Vertical Lift

    • Joint Multi-Role Program Master planning and Synchronization

    • Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft Competitive Prototype Program

    • Future Vertical Lift Cross-Functional Team

  • Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System Support (JCIDS)

  • DOTMLPF Analyses; Rapid Fielding Initiatives

  • Experimentation & CONOPS Development

  • Capability-Based Assessments

  • Operational & Systems Architecture

  • Functional Area/Needs/Solution Analyses

  • Air-Launched Effects

Aviation Material Developer Support 

  • Analysis of Alternatives; Trades Studies

  • AROC and JROC Milestone Decision Support

  • Modeling and Simulation; Test and Evaluation Support

  • Technical Manual Material Development

Aviation Knowledge Management

  • Collaboration Site Management

  • Lessons Learned Integration, Online Forum Moderation

  • Dashboards and “Community of Practice” Facilitation

  • Joint, Army, and Civil Aviation SME Support

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  • Future Vertical Lift (FVL) Cross-Functional Team support

  • Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft Competitive Proto-Type support

  • Aviation Platforms - Requirements Determination Directorate [FVL, UAS]

  • Aviation Enablers - Requirements Determination Directorate [AMCN, DVE, ASE, AvLog]

  • USAACE Fixed Wing Instructor Pilot Support

  • USAACE Fixed Wing Training Development Support

  • Unmanned Aircraft System Support

  • Doctrine Development

  • PM Fixed Wing Training Support

  • Air-Ground Integration Training Support to MCTP


  • Air Maneuver Battle Lab Support

  • TMS Training Development and Curriculum Management

  • Aviation Resource Training System Support

  • Degraded Visual Environment Support

  • PM Cargo Business & Analytical Support

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Aviation - CAE - screen
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