Navigator integrates emerging technologies with training and education solutions to reduce costs and improve learning. We understand today’s training challenges and use multiple training tools and educational resources.  We have designed and developed tailored Interactive 3D and web-based aircraft system emulators and models that provide state of the art instructional effectiveness. Our primary goal is to enhance learning while reducing resources and costs. Navigator’s training experts provide full spectrum military grade products and services across the mobile, blended, and virtual learning environments. Our instructor led training encompasses full spectrum capabilities, which include training development; curriculum development; multi-media products; technical manuals; interactive training tools; classroom, simulator, and flight instruction; curriculum assessment and evaluations. Successful training starts with sound instructional design. Navigator's instructional design experts employ emerging technologies, lessons learned, and the proven Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate (ADDIE) instruction system design process to produce customer tailored solutions. Our training experts incorporate instructional materials, methods, technologies, training aids, instructor-student efficiency, and feedback to assess training effectiveness and improve solutions to achieve optimal results. 


  • Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Flight Training 
  • Army Joint Support Team Mission Command Training Program 
  • Army and Aviation Mission Command and Assessment Support 
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape instruction. 
  • Academic Instructor and Mobile Training Team Support 
  • Professional Military Education Development 
  • Training Needs and Critical Task Analyses 
  • Training Support Package and Curriculum Development 
  • Training Management System and Training Database Administration 
  • Exportable Training Package Development 
  • Doctrine and Roadmap Development  
  • Instructor and Training Support Services  
  • Air Traffic Control Systems Training and Fielding 
  •  Pre-Command Course Instruction 
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive, Gaming Support  


  • Army Fixed and Rotary Wing Instruction
  • Training Development Configuration Database  
  • Aviation Resource Training System Scheduling 
  • C-12 Systems Emulator and Training Simulation Support 
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape instruction. 
  • 3D Classroom Design & Installation  
  • Army Materiel Command Physical/Cyber Security and Active Shooter Training/Assessment 
  • Army Battle Command Systems Operation and Training 
  • EMARSS Training Development  
  • PM Air Traffic Control New Equipment Training Support 
  • UAS Maintenance Curriculum Development 
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