Navigator has a wide range of capabilities in addition to our aviation, training and technology core competencies.

Navigator provides a significant and expanding range of Army Program Office life cycle support, which includes equipment, supply, and repair operations as well as facility maintenance and protection operations. We have successfully supported Army Program Offices with acquisition expertise and integrated lifecycle management. Our systems engineering, program scheduling, and synchronization expertise have contributed notably to the success of multiple aviation platforms.

Our experts perform studies and analyses by documenting Warfighter needs, gaps and solutions in the form of capabilities-based assessments. Our depth of understanding and analytical experience extends to each of the critical elements of military capability: Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Policy analyses.

As a small business with large business experience, Navigator is extremely flexible and agile with the ability to immediately tailor diverse solutions to support customer requirements.


  • Logistical Analyses 
  • Logistics Footprint Reduction Studies 
  • Logistical Data System Support 
  • Facilities Management & Maintenance 
  • Operations Analysis and Business Case Analysis Consulting 
  • Base Operations Support 
  • Field Service Representative Support 
  • Sustainment Analyses & Trade Studies 
  • Technical Manual Development in an Integrated Development Environment 
  • Sustainment Battle Lab Support 
  • Information Assurance Support 
  • Force Protection Analyses 


  • PM Fixed Wing Technical Manual Development / Sustainment 
  • PM Aircraft Survivability Equipment Worldwide Logistics Support 
  • Logistics Planning and Modeling Support  
  • Logistics Quality Assurance 
  • Combat Survivor Evader Locator Radio Training Support  
  • AMC Facility Support  
  • PM Air Traffic Control System Sustainment 
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