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Navigator leverages emerging technologies to provide innovative training, education, information assurance, capability development, cyber and knowledge management, solutions for our government and industry customers. We balance technical requirements with a unique understanding of organizational priorities to provide efficient and effective services and exceptional value. Navigator’s visualization technology stimulates learning, which promotes the mastery, and retention of difficult skills and concepts. We apply our well-defined and proven 11-step process to develop interactive content that can be used in the classroom or remotely.

Our technology experts provide creative, tailored, and relevant interactive 3D (i3D) technologies, which incorporate training, specialized education, and performance-based management solutions. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to improve organizational operations, procedures, and security - while minimizing cost and risk. Navigator’s i3D applications are proven to significantly increase a student’s ability to grasp correlate and retain complex concepts and learning objectives. We have modelled aircraft and subsystems to support future aircraft design concepts, human factors engineering, capability trade studies and contingency planning. Our application of i3D modeling extends to practical applications for design, human factors, and concept development.

Among those applications are our recent development of facilities models for aircraft hangars and related maintenance equipment and utilities. We also have modelled all current and potential future Army aviation platforms for use in concept development, source selection, subsystem design, and use case suitability.


  • Aircraft Interactive Systems Emulator and Trainer 

  • Stereoscopic 3D Visualization 

  • Interactive 3D Product Demonstration and Training Applications

  • Depot Level Aircraft Maintenance Facility Modeling and Space Utilization 

  • High Fidelity Hangar and Facility Modeling, including Equipment Operation Simulation

  • Emerging Technology Analysis, Evaluation and Development 

  • Joint Command and Control Systems Analysis 

  • Cyber Security Engineering and Analysis 

  • Aircraft Cabin and Sub-systems Modeling and Manipulation

  • Digital Publications


  • MEDEVAC Analytical and KM Support

  • Interactive 3D Future Vertical Lift Design Modeling

  • Interactive 3D MEDEVAC Aircraft Modeling Tool

  • Aircrew and Flight Medic Task Execution Motion Capture

  • 3D Modeling Support

  • Interactive 3D Aircraft Hangar Configuration and Evaluation Tool

  • Knowledge Management

DOS - crop work at computer
CDS_Training - the remote cross domain station.
DOS - Tara warehouse
HEMTT tanker trainer - Technology
DOS - Wendy
DOS - wire in flooring

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This is a screen-captured demonstration of real-time interactive 3D capabilities for MEDEVAC training. The first scene shows a motion-captured group of participants loading a patient into an aircraft, while the second shows a manually animated medical procedure in a step-by-step, interactive format.

HEMTT Fuel Tanker Training

Interactive 3D

Interactive training for the HEMTT M978 Fuel Tanker, developed for CASCOM in Fort Lee, VA. This quick demo shows identifying parts and a glimpse of step-by-step training.

DSESTS Interactive Training

Operating, troubleshooting, & common repairs for the Direct Support Electrical System Test Set.

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