Position: Operations Research Systems Analyst (ORSA) / Senior Analyst
Location: Fort Benning, GA
Clearance: SECRET
Type: Full Time

This Position is Contingent Upon Award

This position will support to the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate (CDID), Soldier Division.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Support the Small Unit Integration Team (SUIT), in efforts supporting the Squad: Foundation for the Decisive Force Initiative, including information management, CONOP development, experiment training development, Operation Research System Analysis (ORSA), and program and training integration
• Coordinate with subject matter experts, senior level managers, and others, and will conduct and apply research, to develop and coordinate new soldier equipment, clothing, weapons and operational concepts for future Army solders; provide written reports
• Review training and leader development approaches, and make recommendations to the government for improving same, leveraging live, virtual and constructive opportunities and technologies to provide realistic, effective home-station and institutional training
• Develop the capabilities that provide combat overmatch of critical tasks in all environments and achieve the operational objective while retaining the capability to continue with subsequent missions
• Maintain an Action Officer Continuity book to provide as a transitional tool to brief incoming personnel
• Provide quality services/products, management oversight of all functional areas, acquisition processes, data/reports, and task order objectives, with emphasis on overall success
• Conduct general studies of needs to realize improved system and small unit performance
• Develop detailed plans for assessment of existing systems and new technologies in a relevant tactical/operational environment
• Evaluate plans for potential risks and provided risk management strategies
• Conduct analysis of systems and new technologies and design relevant scenario vignettes to ensure effective assessments are conducted
• Develop CONOPS regarding scenario’s and vignettes for Combined Arms Future Integration Exercises. Assist in identifying and developing ways to mitigate squad gaps through the entire DOTMLPF –P domain
• Collect and analyze data to evaluate operational difficulties and make recommendations to solve problems. Develops and follows established modeling and evaluation processes to determine the effectiveness of current operational activities and to determine problem areas and develop solutions
• Operate, maintain, and improve the SharePoint sub-site dedicated to managing the SUIT program
• Maintain a process for organizing content so it can be discovered and managed throughout its life cycle
• This includes adding identifying features within the content to allow discovery and retrieval by users and tracking by managers on a daily process

• A minimum of four (4) years’ experience conducting DOTMLPF – P, small unit integration and an understanding of SUIT
• Must maintain a SECRET Clearance
• Personnel assigned to perform the work of a senior analyst shall have two years’ experience working on battalion or brigade staffs (preferably Infantry or Armor) and four years of analyst experience
• Personnel performing ORSA functions must have a minimum of four years’ experience as a lead ORSA, a master’s degree in operations research, one year in combat modeling, and experienced in combat modeling and AoA
• Personnel performing information management must have a minimum of four years’ experience as working with data bases and knowledge of SaaS
• Personnel performing SUIT training and experimentation must have a minimum of four years’ experience with planning, coordinating, and executing military new equipment training
• Personnel performing program training and integration must have a minimum of four years’ experience working with the Soldier Capability Portfolio Process to include the Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process and Defense Acquisition System
• Personnel performing CONOP development must have a minimum of four years’ experience building CONOPs, systems integration, planning events, and training schedules
• Personnel performing work of an analyst must have experience in Combat Arms (Infantry or Armor) and four (4) years of analyst experience

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